Unleashed Realities

by Baby Woodrose

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I have found quite a few cd's that have homemade experimental soundscapes on them and this is a speciel collection for those long psyched out trips. These sounds are clearly not for everybody, so this might be a perfect outlet. You should NOTE that this collection is about 2 hours long, so download time will probably be quite extensive, depending on your connection.

The first five tracks are pretty impressive if one is into that sort of thing. There are five variations of sound collages involving many different sources - one of them being the members of the Spids Nøgenhat band playing atonal flutes and banging on guitars, another is recordings of traffic and bird noises, a third is guitar pedals making loops. All these are fading in and out of tape delay machines and changing in pitch and tempo. I made these for my friend Zeppo who makes great light shows for my bands sometimes. He made a weird experimental movie in 1998 (I think) called "Strange Artifacts Of The Cerebral Cortex" and this was the soundtrack for it. I remember the movie as an extremely dizzying experience. I do think the audio fit in well though.

The sixth piece, Dream Sequence, is from around 1995, a 15 minute hypnotic riff with lots of backwards guitars and a deep distorted voice reciting some sort of poem.

The seventh track, Spiral Staircase, is a 28 minute dark guitar symphony in five parts, also from around 1995. I awoke from a dream in the middle of the night with these three notes spinning around in my head, went to the other room to find out what they were, recorded the first piano section and then later let it involve into this very demanding piece of music, all circulating around those three notes. Sadly, the sound quality is not the best, there are a few tape giltches, but we're gonna have to live with that for now. At one point I considered making a proper transfer of this into a vinyl album, but it never happened.

Track 8, 9 and 10 were all later used as parts of the long track Heavens Gate on Pandemonica III to connect the different sections on side 2 (the intro starts off Demon Switch, then goes into the two other pieces crossfaded, which leads us into the final song called Anthem). Here they are in their full lengh for those of you with masochistic tendencies for total noise assault. They were made at different occasions between 95 and 98.


released January 1, 1998



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Baby Woodrose Copenhagen, Denmark

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