Unreleased Rarities Volume 1

by Baby Woodrose

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This album includes all kinds of fun stuff from different projects and bands. Demos, live recordings, alternative mixes, outtakes or whatever I can find in my archives that has never been released or is so rare in digital form, this is the only way to get it.

ILLUMINATIONS: This song was recorded in 1999. A demo I did together with a guy named Jacob Andreas Menck who now makes electronic music under the name Zircaplanet. At this point in time we did a project called Electrojets and released one 7" single under that name. Some will probably notice that the chorus from this song was later altered and then re-used as Doubtstains on the first Dragontears album.

FLASHINGHAST (DEMO): This is a 4-track Fostex demo for a song that ended up on On Trial's New Day Rising album. It was probably recorded in 1997. I'm playing all the instruments, including the slightly out of tune Elka organ. This sounds pretty rough, but somehow I've always liked this version better than the one on the album.

SO CLOSE (DEMO): This is my 4 track demo for a song that ended up on On Trial's Blinded By The Sun album. I've always had a soft spot for this rough version. I think this recording is from 2000.

NO WAY OUT (DEMO): This is a 4 track demo from 1999, it's pretty close to the album version, but more lofi sounding. This was left off the Mindblowing Seeds album because the master tape does not exist anymore, so I only have this rough cdr dub.

COMING AROUND AGAIN (DEMO): This is the demo for the song Coming Around Again, which was later released as a Bad Afro single in its final form. This was recorded in 2006 I think and that's me playing all the instruments, recorded on 8-track Studer. It's a lot slower than the finished version, but I like the feel of it.

YOU COULD HAVE BEEN MINE: This is another demo for the Chasing Rainbows album written some time during 2006, but this song was never taken further. I wrote it for the girl I was with at the time, a relationship that ended on a really bad note. Some will notice that some of the words were re-used in other songs. Recorded on the 8-track Studer.

DEVIANT BY HEART: Another Chasing Rainbows demo from 2006 that was never finished. Recorded on 8-track Studer. I had forgotten about it completely when I stumbled over it, searching through the cdr vault. Great surprise.

TOO LONG APART: Some of you will notice that this song later turned into Mikita from the s/t album, but this early version is completly different - sort of a Neil Young mode with lonesome blues harp and a really dragging tempo. The second verse is pretty funny as well. Recorded on 8-track Studer.

I WANNA BE YOUR MAN: Here's another Chasing Rainbows Studer demo, that was never finished. I really like my bass on this track, even though the song seems a little bland, which is probably why it was dropped.

I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MINE (DEMO): Another one for Chasing Rainbows recorded on the Studer from 2007. I decided to include this one as it's so different from the album version.

SONIC DIVER: Outtake from Blinded By The Sun. Rough mix. I think it was called "Ah Yeah!" for a long time, before we decided on this title. I'm on drums and backing vocals.

MAKIN' IT EASY: An unreleased gem of an On Trial studio improvisation. I think this comes from the period around Blinded By The Sun or maybe right after. We had promised to make a track for some italian psych fanzine's compilation (might have been Vincebus Eruptum actually!?) but I don't think it was ever released and we soon forgot all about this jam. I play the drums and sing backing vocals.

TOO STONED: This is On Trial having some more studio fun with a cover of our friends in Gas Giant. I think we discussed making a split single with them playing one of our songs, but it never happened. It's also from the Blinded By The Sun sessions.

YOU OWN IT (DEMO): After the release of Blows Your Mind, Baby Woodrose booked a weekend session to record a handful of tracks that ended up on 45's (one on Bad Afro, a split single for Ewing Records with The Defectors and one self released very limited single on Pan Records) but there were a few more songs recorded. This one was later redone for Money For Soul, but this early version is pretty cool.

MY BABY LIKES TO BOOGALOO: We used to love playing this sludgy Don Gardner cover in the early days of Baby Woodrose. In fact - besides the version that was released on the Gutter Island live LP, we have also recorded it several other times - for the Dropout LP, during the Money For Soul sessions and at this very first 45's session on 02/02/02 - I know that for a fact because we had to play the Burro/Hellcat wedding after the studio session which was on that exact date.

2000 KILOMETER: This is one of the few recorded examples of how the original Spids Nøgenhat band actually sounded, having just the three guitars and echoey vocals, sometimes with a little bit of boot stomping on the floor as a beat. This song was included on the Swamp Room Happening 2000 compilation, which was given away with every festival ticket that year. I think the recording might be much earlier, maybe 1998.

ALRUNE ROD: This was released as a very limited single on my own label Pan Records in 2002, another example of how the band actually sounded - as the album we did had drums, bass and organ overdubbed. This is a cover of a danish sixties band Alrune Rod (Mandrake Root) and their song of the same name. Our 45 version was cut down to fit the playing time of a vinyl single, but this is the uncut 8 minute version. Recorded in 1998.

EN DRØM: Again, 1998 - the original band recorded on four track cassette. A song I wrote, which was released as the B side of the very rare Pan Records 45.

MERE FRIHED: This is the only existing outtake from the En Mærkelig Kop Te album session that I'm aware of. I remember us recording some other songs as well, but none were actually finished. It was included on a support compilation for Christiania released by Helicopter Records a few years later. The track is a little sound collage with very insisting lyrics: MORE FREEDOM! MORE LOVE!

LAUGHING STOCK (REMIX73): A remix we did for fun mostly. It was never really meant seriously, but those drums actually sound pretty cool. The real mix of the song is on the s/t album from 2009.


released February 7, 1999



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Baby Woodrose Copenhagen, Denmark

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