Unreleased Rarities Volume 2

by Baby Woodrose

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UNDERGROUND SUNSHINE: This was another of the demos that I did in 1999 for what would eventually become Blows Your Mind. It did not end up on Mindblowing Seeds either, which will include the best of the tracks from that period in time. I still think it's worth hearing for that fuzz bass in the intro alone. This is an original rough mix.

JANE 17: Another 1999 Fostex demo. This one did not make it to Blows Your Mind and did not make it to Mindblowing Seeds collection either. This is an original rough mix.

SUNRISE/REBIRTH/RAINBOW: I remember recording this in the early morning after a recording session where I was doing some of the Blows Your Mind demos, back in 1999. I was practically on my way to bed, when I suddenly felt I needed to do something less noisy. After having done the main song, I just let the tape run and started doing an older idea called Who Painted The Rainbow? Some will notice that some of these lyrics were later used in a song called Nobody Knows. This is the only existing mix, as the master tape seems to have been recorded over with something else.

DO WHAT I WANT: This track ended up on Love Comes Down as All Over Now in 2006, but actually the demo was done way back in 1995 when I was doing the Pandemonica stuff on the Fostex 4 track. The lyrics here really make me cringe, so I'm glad I changed them, but the energy of the track makes it clear why we decided to pick it out.

CHEMICAL BUZZ (DEMO): Again, a 4 track Fostex demo from 1995 which was picked up on and rehashed (gibberish lyrics re-written) and included on the Love Comes Down album 10 years later. For this one, we had to keep the title and hookline though.

SURF THEME: Well, I just had to try doing one, didn't I? This is from around 1995. Fostex 4 track demo with ocean sound effects dubbed in. The melody bears (a little too) strong resemblance with the instro surf classic Pipeline, but what the heck. I later ripped off that melody again for Nobody Knows.

WORDS: This song ended up on Chasing Rainbows as Madness Of Your Own Making with completely different lyrics, but again - the demo is from 1995. Originally it was just a bunch of meaningless letter rhymes, painters pawning powerful paintings - haha! Only slightly cringeworthy and almost funny.

CHERRY BOMB: Now for something completely different. This is a finished mix of a Love Comes Down outtake. We used to play this song live a lot in this period, but we didnt like this recording so much for some reason. Now it seems quite ok to my ears. Eduardo Martinez from the Flaming Sideburns is guesting on vocals and percussion. Yebo from The Tremolo Beer Gut is playing the Theremin. There are a few more finalized outtakes from this session, but I can't seem to find the one called The Keeper, which might be pretty good.

THE KEEPER: Here is the track called The Keeper, which ironically it wasn't, as it was dropped from the Love Comes Down tracklist. This is an early rough mix feauturing Yebo on Theremin. I seem to recall overdubbing quite a lot of effects on it in Helsinki, but I can't seem to find the final mix unfortunately. There's a nice guitar solo here though.

TURN AROUND: This is some of the oldest stuff I have, thanks to Søren Pilegaard who kept these cassettes for 20 years and transfered them to cd at some point. This is a 1989 On Trial rehearsal demo recorded on 2 track Tandberg. I didn't write this song, but I think it's pretty cool.

SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: Again, thanks to Søren, here's On Trial in 1989, recorded on a noisy 2 track Tandberg in rehearsal. We did a bunch of covers, like The Witch, Be Forewarned, Are You Gonna Be There? and others, but this one seemed one of the best sixties covers from this recording.

HOBBITTENS TRYLLEFLØJTE: This is a sound collage we used on Dragontears 2 - Tambourine Freak Machine to link the songs together, in its full length. My girlfriend at the time played the strange arabic sounding horn better than anybody else, so it ended up on the album. Everybody is playing something strange on this recording, like twisting little musicboxes and plucking pianostrings or blowing into a jug Tommy Hall style (me). It sounds quite relaxing and calmly meditative actually.

HADRON COLLIDER: Here's the Dragontears track that was cut in two halfs and released as a limited single on Repoman at the time of the Tambourine Freak Machine album. It was recorded at the same session and here it is in its full length, minus fade and edit.

FOR ANNE: This is one of several outtakes from the latest BW album. This was never finished, so the vocal is the cue we did to be able to navigate in the song before dubbing the drums on it. The basic beat, riff and groove is very much based on Green Tambourine, but that's not why we dropped it. That had more to do with a lack of good lyrics for it and some small sound problems...listening to it now, I quite like it. I might actually finish this someday.

A LIFE OF CHANGE: Another outtake from the latest BW album. I actually really liked this one, the problem I felt it had is the beat, which was too much like a lot of other songs on the album and sounded a bit messy - alas it was shelved and never finished. Cue vocal take and rough mix at a pretty early stage.

BORN TO LOSE (DEMO): This was recorded in 2004 at some radioshow in Holland. The song is at an early stage, has extended lyrics, different riff, different chorus and is just me with an acoustic (and a bit of a cold it sounds like!) Awful, but maybe some of you will find it interesting.

DOUBLE SIX: This is our cover of The Troggs classic 6654321, but we took the liberty of changing the title because of one of my guitars, which is a Burns Double Six and also it was easier to say when talking about the song. This was recorded in Black Tornado 02/02/02 along with a bunch of other songs for our very first session as a band and the song was released on our first hopelessly rare Pan Records 7" single.

THAT'S HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS: This is the B side of Double Six. It was written by Rosevelt Jamison and made famous by Otis Redding and later The Rolling Stones. We wanted to try if we could play songs like this, because we wanted to have a certain soul element within our own punky garage stuff.

DON'T LOOK BACK: This is our cover of Fred Cole's (Lollipop Shoppe/Weeds/Dead Moon/Pierced Arrows) song. It was recorded at the first session as well in 2002 and released on a Ewing Records split single with The Defectors.

MY FLASH ON YOU: This Love cover was also recorded at our first session in Black Tornado in February 2002. It was used as the B side for our first Bad Afro single Never Coming Back. Very swooshy sound, final mix, but unmastered.


released February 8, 1999

The painting is done by Malcolm Roxs.



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Baby Woodrose Copenhagen, Denmark

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