Unreleased Rarities Volume 3

by Baby Woodrose

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NOK AF DIG: I'm not sure what the implications of the copyright law bullshit is with this particular 45, so if anybody has any problem with me putting it up here, just let me know and I'll take it down again. This is the single we did with danish beat legend Peter Belli singing. The A side is my own translation of the sixties classic Stepping Stone, made famous by The Monkees. The irony is thick, because my lyrics deal with the whole Popstar, American Idol TV thing and The Monkees themselves were just as fabricated, although maybe not quite as soulless. The collaboration was out own idea, and Peter liked it, but when Danish Radio heard about it, they offered us free studio time and playlisted it and made it a small hit. I just wish it had sounded more like Peter's old records, but then it probably wouldnt have become a hit.

DET DU KAN LI': Back in the sixties Peter Belli would do danish translations of british beat group hits, this song is Donovan's Hey Gyp, but the danish lyrics are simply HILARIOUS. It was originally the B side of his first 45 sung in Danish. Our version tries to couple it with a Bo Diddley type beat. Again, if anybody's got a problem with my upload of this 45, just let me know - and don't sue me.

HOLD IT: This is our cover of our touring friends in Sweatmaster. It was released on a split single where they did our song Pouring Water on the other side. This isn't mastered, so probably sounds a bit murky.

NEVER COMING BACK: This was on our first Bad Afro single. We later recorded a much better version for Money For Soul, but this one sounds a bit more dangerous - with me whispering sinister threats in the instrumental "hey" sections. The single is impossible to find now, only 500 made and has a Malleus designed cover. This is the final mix, but unmastered, so volume is a bit low.

ELECTRIC KNÖDEL SOUP: This is a rough mix of a jam that was recorded during the 2000 Micrograms From Home session. It was never taken further, but the intro was cut into the song called Doors Of Prescription and the main riff was later used again on Astral Flash from the Turn On Tune In Fuck Off bonus single. The title is 100% authentic.

ASTRAL FLASH: Here's the first song from the Turn On Tune In Fuck Off bonus single, which was only included on the first 600 copies (100 on red vinyl, 500 black) of the LP.

SPACE FUCK: The second song from the Turn On Tune In Fuck Off bonus single, which was only included with the first 600 copies. This one features a lot of Hobbit letting loose on his wahpedal.

IVORY SNOW PETALS: This is a demo from around 1997 done on Fostex fourtrack. I've always liked it very much and many times tried to rewrite it with new lyrics, but it hasn't happened yet, so here it is, for your listening pleasure.

DO YOU SEE HER? (DEMO): This is another Fostex 4 track demo from around 1997. I'm playing with a Space Echo a lot in this period. The song later evolved in a completely different direction and ended up on On Trials' New Day Rising album under the same title, but really hasn't got much else in common. This is actually about picking magic mushrooms, lying in a field and looking at the clouds if you wondered where those lyrics come from: " She is purple!"

SLEEPING WITH FLIES/WATERFALL: This is one weird trip. I have several versions of this "song" - all recorded on the Fostex 4 track around 1997. I have no idea what the lyrics are, but I think some people will enjoy it. This version goes into another song called Waterfall near the end. Thanks to Jemez for holding on to and taking care of this tape for years and making a digital copy for me to upload.

SLEEPING WITH FLIES 2: This is a different take on the same song, also from around 1997 with a bass added and less echo on the vocal and no Waterfall at the end. Again, thanks to Jemez for taking care of this tape and drawing my attention to it again. Can you imagine what it's like listening to stuff I made and forgot about, for the first time 15 years down the line? If no one had cared about this music except me, it wouldn't have survived.

SILVER STAR: This track is another Fostex demo, but a bit earlier - I'd think 1994 probably. If you listen to my guitarplaying, it's not that evolved yet, but the influence from The Bevis Frond is quite obvious. I have no idea what the lyrics are about really.

TIME WILL CRAWL: This is also from around 1994. Fostex demo. I litterally wrote several hundreds of songs in this period (93-96) - the best of which ended up on the Pandemonica albums, but before they were released there were tapes of this stuff going around. Some friends have taken good care of them, so we can enjoy nice little surprises like this one.

ENIGMA / THE FAKE: Another 4 track nugget. I really have no idea why the song is called Enigma, I remember it as The Fake, but that's what it's called on this tape, which is from around 1995 and has been in Jemez archive for years. The guitar that sounds like an ebow, is actually a small 5W plastic amp being used as one against the pickups.

THREAD WILL BE TORN: Wow, that's a pretty catchy song - just a shame about the mix, which is maybe a bit over the top with the feedback. I would love to re-rewrite this and do a version in a real studio some time. This is from 1995 I think, but again, those years sort of flow together in my memory. I think I remember a scene in Twin Peaks , that spawned the inspiration for the lyric.

BLEED YOU: This is definitely very early, propably 1993. This song was the third Fostex demo I ever made (first song was Eyes Too Closed, second one was Black Star - I can tell by the cassette inlay, not by memory) Very ambitious track. These lyrics make me cringe badly, lots of ROKY and LOVECRAFT isms, but there's something in the hook that screams "RE-WRITE ME! Maybe I will, someday. The TV-sound effects in the intro is the remake of The Fly horrorfilm. "When do you sleep? - I don't" - I thought that was funny, because I spent so much time recording instead of sleeping.

THE BEAST: Another Fostex demo from around 1995. More horror lyrics, more screaming wah wah guitar solos.

INSIDE OUT: Jump forward in time. BW Blows demo 1999. Still on the Fostex though. This riff is ripped off from Hey Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut. The lyrics later turned into Nobody Spoil My Fun. The riff went nowhere.

VOLCANO (DEMO): This is actually another 1999 Fostex demo for Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind, but the song didn't turn up till Money For Soul in 2003. I have a demo of Everything's Gonna Be Alright from this period as well, but unfortunately the sound is really bad.

DOWNER (DEMO): This is actually another 1999 BW demo. The hook is ripped off from a record called Kaptain Kopter & The Twirly Birds, but later it morphed into a totally different song that ended up on On Trial's Blinded By The Sun album in 2002 - but using the same title and hook. I like the psychedelic feel of this.


released December 1, 2001



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Baby Woodrose Copenhagen, Denmark

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